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No Need to Tip, Hospitality is NOW included

Since December 14th, 2015, Huertas has been a ‘Hospitality Included’ restaurant, and has eliminated tipping in an effort to move the restaurant industry towards a more sustainable future. 

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, on our Hospitality Included Initiative.

Why is Huertas eliminating tipping?

In the restaurant industry, paying employees based on merit has become increasingly difficult, as tipping has become a standard feature of dining out. We believe that every member of our staff deserves to benefit from the success of the restaurant--something that is impossible within the confines of the tipped system. It is no secret that there is a discrepancy in the wages of servers and cooks. Not only will eliminating tipping at Huertas enable us to continue to compensate our service staff fairly, but also ensure a competitive, living wage for our kitchen staff. By transitioning to a 'Hospitality Included' structure we hope to strengthen our restaurant by fostering a work environment where our entire staff feels a personal connection to their workplace, a vested interest in the success of the restaurant, and a renewed sense of community among co-workers. 

Why are we making the change now?

'Hospitality Included' starts December 14th, 2015. We believe that this is the future of dining in New York City and are proud to lead the charge alongside our former employer and mentor Danny Meyer and his Union Square Hospitality Group. We hope to strengthen and promote a movement towards a more equitable compensation system. 

How will we account for 'Hospitality Included'?

Instead of adding gratuity to the check at the end of the meal, your whole dining experience at Huertas will be built into the menu prices. This will be done with careful consideration, focusing on each menu item so you will continue to get the best value. As a result, there will not be a blanket price increase on every item.

How will 'Hospitality Included' affect your experience?

Eliminating tipping removes your responsibility of paying the majority of our service staff's wages. With gratuity built into every menu item, the cost of dining at Huertas will only increase slightly. Though we do not expect the price of a meal at Huertas to go up significantly, you may experience a minimal increase in price. That slight increase will enable us to continue to take care of our employees, provide financial stability for our entire staff, and create a better experience for you. 

Without tipping, how can you give servers feedback about your experience?

We believe that tipping should not be an obligation. Our standard is that all of our guests receive exceptional service. At the end of your experience at Huertas you will have an opportunity to provide honest feedback, which will allow us to continue to grow. 

Who else benefits from a gratuity-free system?

With the transition to a 'Hospitality Included' system, we are pleased that we'll be able to include our cooks in revenue sharing. This will not only allow us to pay them more, but enable them to feel a more direct and personal connection with the business. A busy and successful night for the restaurant will now benefit everyone. 

The full story on our decision to go ‘Hospitality Included’ can be found on EATER NY

If you have any more questions or comments about our ‘Hospitality Included’ initiative, please email us at [email protected]. Your feedback is integral to the success of this transition!