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Special Events

Tuesday, June 19th 

The New Spanish - Pintxos and Vermouth at Marlow and Sons

We're celebrating the release of our cookbook by setting up a pintxo bar at one of our favorite spots, Williamsburg classic, Marlow and Sons. In addition to signed copies of The New Spanish, we'll be slinging pintxos and cocktail. 

The event is primarily walk-in, but limited reservations are available contact [email protected] 

Recurring Events

'Pintxo Pote'

Every Tuesday, we honor a San Sebastian tradition and offer our full slate of pintxos half-off, all night long!

'Let Us Cook'

Every evening, we encourage guests to put themselves in our hands and let us cook our favorite on and off-menu dishes for the table. On Sunday and Monday evenings, we offer this special menu at a reduced price of $48 (tip-included).

Pintxo Takeovers

Every couple months, we invite a guest chef in to "takeover" our pintxo board. The bites are seldom traditional and not to be missed. Sign up for our mailing list (located at the bottom left of our navigation) to stay in the loop.